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Tom Thomson - Artist and Weatherman
Creative Scene Investigation
Over the last few decades, I have applied CSI (Creative Scene Investigation) to most of Tom's plein air art. An interactive PowerPoint presentation on the topic, can stretch for hours. It is now time to gradually publish this large body of work - a page at a time... as the opportunities allow. I hope to get at least one done per week. Stay tuned.
The goal of this site is to place Tom Thomson's art into the context I feel he intended. Tom was a genius at observing and recording the natural world. He was motivated by the environment and the elements of nature.  I wish to prove this simple fact.
This effort is intended to complement the work of other Thomson scholars. I welcome constructive comments and suggestions. Together, we can create a better understanding of the man and his contributions to Canadian society. Tom's art  helped to define the spirit and soul of the young nation and his influence continues today. "Northern Light: The Enduring Mystery of Tom Thomson and the Woman Who Loved Him" by my Friend Roy MacGregor will add to this story - to be published fall 2010 by Random House..
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