"Northern Trickle"

This is based on Tom Thomson’s “Northern River”, a painting he referred to as his swamp painting and one that wasn’t that bad. Tom never gave himself enough credit for his art!

Water resources will decline across most of North America with climate change. Evapouration will increase with increased temperatures. Rainfall patterns will shift with the jet stream. Climate model simulations suggest slight increases in average precipitation amounts but there is also a trend to more frequent and extreme precipitation events.

For Algonquin Parh, the combination of slight increases in annual precipitation together with significant warming suggests a greater frequency of extreme summer heat waves. There will be a trend toward a more arid climate with a higher probability of drought conditions. The result is that in many localities, rivers will decay into trickles. The ecosystem will change and the swamp won’t be a swamp any more.

You might notice the embellishment of my signature. The leg on the "k" is a small capital "T" followed by a real "T". I thought it only appropriate since the inspiration came from Tom.

Water mixable oils on burnt sienna oil tinted commercial gallery mount canvas 20x16 inches. Started Thursday January 21st, 2010. Painting Place the Chadwick Condo.

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