"March Lights the Shadows"

I had some more time to paint and it was a beautiful day to do just that. I headed toward Jones Creek and the mighty St Lawrence River. There was a brisk east breeze so I set up within the forest of the old Browns Bay Campground. This wind is officially called the cold conveyor belt of the approaching storm - an important part of the conveyor belt conceptual model of a mid latitude cyclone.

It was still chilly at zero degrees Celsius but it was very pleasant with the sun on my back. I was looking north through the forest at the bend in Jones Creek which was previously known as the Toniata River. I have canoed this waterway many, many times. I had to gradually shift my easel toward the south to keep the sun on the canvas. A couple of dogs came to pay there respects while I painted.

The sunlight of March heralds the end of winter. There was far less snow in the forest than I expected. The same light cast the shadows which were an important part of my subject. If you put this all together, one has the title which may seem cryptic at first. The word "lights" is a verb here but one might think of it as a noun as well. Both uses of "lights" were intended. It was a fun day. I was in the zone.

Oils on burnt sienna oil tinted foundation on commercial canvas - 14 X 18 (inches) Started 9:30 am Friday, March 5, 2010. Painting Place Browns Bay Campground at N44.49605 W75.81529.

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