"Round Lake Thunderstorm"

This is another view from Steve Hoult's cottage on Round Lake looking west from about the same place where Tom Thomson painted "The Canoe". Tom's dove gray canoe would have been pulled up on the shore to the right.

A squall line with thunderstorms had just passed Round Lake. Another thunderstorm was just to the west along the squall line. The line of brighter clouds is on the leading edge of the gust front associated with the more western thunderstorm. Warm and moist air was being lifted by the downdraft winds of the thunderstorm. The vortices associated with the tangle of winds are evident in the cloud swirls. These swirls are what attracted me to the painting. I wanted to make the painting simple but powerful in awe of the forces that created the turbulent thunderstorm.

I just wanted to have some fun - thanks to Steve Hoult ... and Tom Thomson.

Water mixable oils on dark burnt sienna oil tinted foundation on commercial canvas - 14 X 18 (inches) Started Monday afternoon, March 22, 2010. Painting Place The Executive Studio, 55 Water Street, Brockville. The subject location 45.904967° -79.165012° on the southeast shore of Round Lake.